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Work We’ve Done

Visit most advertising agencies and you’ll meet with a freshly minted college graduate who

will blast you with a lot of theories, buzz-words and techno-speak that flies right over your head.

All of this baffling jargon is supposed to magically inspire you with trust and confidence.

We don’t think it works that way.

We are a full-service creative agency. If you need anything – and we mean anything –

that requires a creative approach and first-class execution, contact us.

We’ve probably already done it before, from corporate branding to national event promotion.

Graphic Design

Corporate Branding, Logos,

Business Cards, Stationery

Print Advertising

Newspaper and Magazine Ads,

Brochures, Direct-Mail Pieces

Outdoor Advertising

Billboards, Vehicle Wraps,

Banners, Yard Signs


Magazines, Tour & Visitor Guides,

Instruction Manuals

Web Presence

Website Design and Build,

Blog, Facebook Page Design

Social Marketing

e-Newsletters, Facebook,

Twitter, Instagram and More

Package Design

Labels, Bags and Boxes

Tourism Development

Visitor and Newcomer Guides,

Ad Sales, Maps

Event Management

Cooking Competitions, Concerts

Trade Show Support

Booth Design, Pop-Up Displays,

Lighting, Promotional Premiums

Political Campaigns

Strategy, Advertising, Fundraising

and Messaging Events

Strategic Planning

Marketing Plans,

Loyalty Development

 We’re as down-to-earth as your best friend.

With more than 70 combined years in business, we rely on experience to achieve your goals rather than book-learned theories. Certainly, we keep up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques, but the principles that provoke your prospects to take desired action haven’t changed since the dawn of time — no matter what fancy-schmantzy terms the kids are using to describe them these days.

We believe the most productive working relationships happen when everyone understands each other.

When you engage us to work on your project, you won’t be working with interns or apprentices;

you’ll get our “First String” ... because it’s the only string we’ve got. In other words,  you’ll get our best thinking and highest-quality execution. And that means you’ll be proud of what you accomplish with us.

How We Work

What They’re Saying

Ron Cates


Dale Rowett

Director, Creative Services

Beth Powell

Manager, Client Relations

From its humble beginnings in 1989 as a “one-man show,” Cates and Company Creative 

has become a compact but powerful marketing force with an impressive range 

of professional competencies and a reach that spans North America.

Who We Are

Our leader is the personification of “fearless.”

His interests range from football (former All-American player), to competitive barbecue to every kind of popular music there is (the only time there’s no music playing in his office

is when he’s not in it) and his daughter, Kirbi.

Our resident graphics wizard and grammar cop has been involved in marketing since 1973, from visual merchandising to print advertising in every type of publication plus direct mail.

He has moved seamlessly from pen & ink and rubber cement to advanced computerized graphic design and production.

The newest addition to our staff will wear more hats than you’ll see at the Kentucky Derby. But this person’s first priority will be to make absolutely sure our clients are well cared for.

When you call our office, this will be the person who answers and directs

your call to the correct extension.

“It has been our pleasure to work with Ron Cates on production of Smoke on the Water barbecue competitions held at

The Golden Nugget, Atlantic City. Every detail was handled promptly and professionally, with no unpleasant surprises.”

Tillman J. Fertitta, Chairman, CEO & Owner of Landry’s, Inc.

Star of Billion Dollar Buyer on CNBC

Many creative agencies tell you they can do what you need – without having actually done it. We’re not other agencies. When we tell you we can do something for you, it’s because we’ve already done it before. While these galleries don’t tell the full story, they’re proof:

Company We Keep

They say you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep.

Since Cates and Company was founded in 1989, we have built many lasting relationships with clients across Arkansas and beyond. We endeavor to make each of our clients feel

as if s/he is our only client. Unlike other agencies, we don’t limit our clients by

our “signature style” and expect them to fit into what we do.

We listen carefully to our clients and tailor our time and talents to fit what our clients do.

Not all of the companies we work with are clients.

We have partnered with a wide array of companies while working on various projects.Not surprisingly, some of our partners have become clients, as well.

What We Do